Diablo 4 Season 3 - All information about the start of the "Season of the Construct"

The next Diablo 4 season is in the starting blocks and in the new trailer we finally got the first glimpse of which creatures from hell we have to face this time. In the Season of the Construct we can expect a new quest line , the robot companion "Seneschal" and a new type of dungeon, the vaults . We have summarized all the new information about the start of the new season for you.

When does the season of the construct begin?

The Season of Blood will end in a few days and Blizzard has already confirmed that Season 3 will begin on January 23rd , at 7 p.m. German time. The season will run for about 3 months and ends around the end of April.

What new content and game mechanics will there be?

While we had to face hordes of vampires in the Season of Blood, in the Season of the Construct we are faced with a mechanical threat that lurks deep beneath the desert of Kehjistan.

  • A new quest series takes us through deadly vaults in which the demon Malphas faces us as the new boss
  • a customizable “Seneschal” robot companion will accompany us on our journey and stand by us in battle
  • With the attunement and guidance stones we can adjust our companion's attacks and skills
  • Mechanical opponents and new rewards await us in the new special dungeon, the vault
  • Malphas as the new final boss
  • New game mechanic "Arcane Quake" releases constructs on Sanctuary, by defeating the powerful messenger construct we receive rewards
  • The leaderboard will appear throughout the season, with a weekly fixed challenge dungeon
  • more gameplay updates
  • New cosmetic items and rewards through the Batte Pass and Season Journey

When can we expect new information?

On January 18th, the developers will explain the new features in detail in the Campfire Chat . The live stream starts at 6 p.m. on YouTube and Twitch . All information in detail can also be read in Blizzard's official article .

Here you can see the new trailer for the Season of the Construct

Source: Blizzard