Minecraft Guide - 8 tips on how to farm diamonds effectively

Diamonds are one of the most sought-after resources in Minecraft, so you want to find them as quickly as possible. But if you do this incorrectly, you could waste a lot of time searching. We therefore present you with 8 useful tips on how to quickly find diamonds in Minecraft 1.20.4 .

Although netherite is better than diamonds in terms of power and durability, they remain invaluable and feel rewarding every time you find them.

Obtaining diamonds means access to enchantment, the Nether, and better tools and armor . The sooner you get diamonds, the better you can spend your time. Here are some tips on how you can find diamonds quickly in the beginning and also track them down efficiently later.

Tip 1: Look at the right height

The most important thing is to know at what level diamonds are generated. They most commonly appear between Y:16 and Y:-64 . Mining on this level gives you the highest chance of encountering diamonds. All in all, the Y: -59 level is the most effective level at which you can find diamonds.

With the "F3" key you can display your coordinates and thus get to the correct level.

Tip 2: Dig up treasures from suspicious sand

Archeology has been added to Minecraft as part of the Trails and Tales update . One aspect of archeology involves searching for suspicious blocks and brushing them away with a paintbrush . This will reveal relics of the past, meaning you will receive one of several items. While you'll come across pottery shards more often, you still have a chance of getting diamonds or emeralds !

Luckily, you can find several blocks of the suspicious sand in desert temples , desert wells , or ocean ruins . Even though it's not the fastest way, it's still an option to get diamonds easily.

Tip 3: Search in large caves

Caves are a great way to quickly find diamonds when generated at the right levels. They open up a large space without having to dismantle much yourself. You can simply stroll through the caves, lighting torches and seeing if you can find any exposed diamonds. They are also helpful for getting to the lowest levels as quickly as possible, where you can then expand your cave network.

In general, caves are one of the most efficient ways to find diamonds, especially after their overhaul in the Caves and Cliffs update . Now caves can be endless, exposing a large surface area where diamonds can appear. When you discover a massive underground cave, search every corner for diamonds and keep looking up!

Tip 4: Preparation is everything

To mine diamonds, you need at least an iron pickaxe . It's best to take a few more with you.

If you plan to spend a little more time in a cave, make sure you have enough food with you.

It's never a bad idea to take enough wood with you, so you can always craft something useful, such as: B. Ladders to make the paths more accessible, torches or to set up chests if your inventory is full or you want to store something important.

Since you are looking for diamonds very deep, you will often come across lava . A bucket of water to protect yourself never hurts, or even a fire protection potion . Some earth to add to the lava or to build up out of the cave can also be helpful.

Tip 5: Enchantment with “Luck”

In addition to a stronger pickaxe, having the best enchantments is extremely helpful. We recommend a pickaxe with the "Luck" enchantment here.

You should generally try to get a pickaxe with luck as quickly as possible. There are three levels of this enchantment, with Luck III giving up to four diamonds per vein. This means that if you find a diamond vein made from just three ores, you can get 12 diamonds instead of just three.

Tip 6: The “Branch Mining” method

In addition to searching in caves, branch mining is one of the most efficient methods for finding diamonds. To branch mine, create a long main shaft and then build small side tunnels branching off. All tunnels should be two blocks high and one block horizontal, three blocks apart.

The reason for this is to minimize the number of blocks mined to find a diamond vein. It reduces overall mining time, minimizes resource loss, and allows you to cover a lot of area faster. A single diamond block may be missed, but you'll find the three to five diamond veins quicker to make up for this.

Tip 7: Beacon with “Haste” effect

Lastly, to speed up your mining time, you can use a beacon with the haste effect . Haste I increases mining speed by 10% and Haste II by 20%. However, for the level II effect you need a level 4 pyramid , which will require a lot of raw materials.

The level 4 pyramid requires 164 mineral blocks - made of either iron , gold , emerald , diamond or netherite . Getting so many mineral blocks and getting the needed Nether Star for the Beacon isn't an easy task at first, as you have to defeat the Wither , the final boss in the Nether, to get it. Here we recommend an iron farm to quickly get the necessary raw materials.

Tip 8: “Borrow” diamonds from fellow players

This method is particularly effective because all you have to do is find the right chest for your opponent to store their diamonds in. However, this method carries some risk if you get caught. We also strongly advise against this method if your fellow player has a large supply of TNT.