Palworld - 10 helpful tips & tricks to get you started

With an impressive launch last weekend, Pokémon-like survival game 'Palworld' took the gaming world by storm. With over a million simultaneous players, Palworld is breaking records and continuing to climb the Steam charts. Here we summarize 10 helpful tips for you to get started.

1. Distribute status points

In Palworld it is possible to level up. When you level up, you will be rewarded with, among other things, a status point. This can be distributed across the attributes: HP, stamina, attack, defense, work speed, weight . At the moment there doesn't seem to be a way to reset all attributes, which is why you should distribute your skill points wisely. Here the focus should be on HP, stamina and weight .

Work Speed ​​will be less relevant later on as our Pals do most of the work, and Attack only adds minimal value. In addition, most of the damage is caused by our companions.

2. Find and use skill fruits

In the world of Palworld there are dead trees that grow 'skill fruits' . These can be used once and on any Pal. It doesn't matter what type the pal or ability is. A Fire-type Pal could also learn Aquajet , a water ability.

3. What elementary types are there?

There are a total of 9 different elemental types: Water, Fire, Grass, Earth, Electric, Ice, Dragon, Shadow, Neutral .

Each element has a strength or a weakness that affects the damage done. Keep this in mind when you go into battle with your team.

4. Recall companions in battle

In some cases, like an arena fight, it's better to recall your pal to give him a breather before he gets knocked out. Because while they are in your Pal sphere, they slowly regenerate life , unlike when they are actively involved in the fight.

5. Where do I set up my base?

It's hard to go wrong when setting up your first base, but there are a few useful tips that will make your life easier.

The basic building block for your base is the “Pal-Box” . It's best to build these on a large, flat area so that you can use as much space as possible for your area.

Find a place that offers protection and security . It will happen that enemy Pals or poachers want to destroy your home. A rock wall behind you gives you a good advantage in defense!

Later in the game you will need a lot of metal for crafting. Here it can be advantageous if you build your base next to existing ore deposits . Since these spawn again and again, you don't have to worry about always looking for and dismantling them yourself.

6. Who takes on which job?

Once you have caught your first Pals and brought them to your camp, you can put them to work for you. These have different work areas for which they are suitable.

Some Pals may also have multiple abilities , which could be a disadvantage if you need a specific resource. For example, if your focus is on food or metal production, “Foxparks” is recommended as it is only responsible for producing fire.

7. Pals passive abilities

Your Pals have different passive characteristics ; these can be positive or negative. There are also characteristics that can prove useful in battle or in camp.

A Pal with the passive ability “ Motivation Coach ” works much more effectively in the camp thanks to the +25% bonus to work speed .

8. Improve active skills with "Pal Juicer".

In addition to passive skills, your companions can also have active skills . Foxparks can be used as a flamethrower , for example.

With the Pal Juicer you have the opportunity to increase the rank of your Pal, which also improves the active ability. To take a Pal to the next level, you need multiple copies of the same species.

9. Level up quickly + get more items

In order to unlock new items or buildings in Palworld, you need technology points , which you get through leveling up , among other things.

If you want to catch up a few levels, you should hunt for Pals to capture them. You get bonus experience when you capture a new Pal, and you also get a capture bonus for the first 10 Pals of a species you capture . This means you get significantly more experience than if you killed them. You also get the items when you capture them.

If the Pals "Katress" or "Penking" are on your team, you will even receive additional items from neutral or fire Pals!

10. Use the map markers

As you explore the world, you'll likely come across several unique monsters . Open your map to see these marked on your map, as well as the arena boss towers, fast travel points , and your camp .

What isn't shown on the map, however, are the dungeons . If you come across a cave entrance, put a mark on the map to find the dungeon again if you don't want to complete it straight away.

Dungeons are a very good way to get “Ancient Technology Points” . These are required, for example, to activate the Pal juicer.

Now nothing should stand in your way to become the very best. So pack your Pal Spheres and grab them all!

Here you can see the trailer for the Pokemon-like survival game “Palworld”

Source(s): IGN, Pocketpair