The Finals - How to unlock new weapons?

In The Finals you can unlock new weapons for each character. Here you can find out how it works! The Finals is an action-packed first-person shooter (FPS) where you take part in a virtual fighting television show. You are asked to give your all in this intense and exciting battle for recognition. While you can use and manipulate items in the arena, the ultimate thrill comes from battling enemy units with powerful firearms and melee weapons like swords or a sledgehammer

To maintain an advantage in the match, you must be equipped with top-notch weapons. The game features a variety of weapons, from assault rifles to submachine guns. However, you may be unsure about how to unlock new weapons and expand your arsenal in The Finals . Here's how to unlock weapons in The Finals .

How you earn VRs

There are several ways to earn the main currency in The Finals . The easiest way to earn VRs is to compete in the finals and gain experience. As experience increases, VR rewards also increase.

Another way to accumulate VRs is to participate in more games and achieve victories. Continuous gaming success quickly leads to a significant amount of VRs.

How to unlock new weapons in The Finals

The Finals currently offers a selection of 20 different weapons. Initially, most of these weapons are inaccessible. However, you can expand your arsenal as you progress through the game.

Using the in-game coins is a requirement to unlock weapons in The Finals . You can earn coins by leveling up and gaining experience. Winning games frequently is a crucial tactic for building a large amount of money.

Most weapons cost around 600, and most weapons become accessible once you've saved enough money. To unlock new weapons you can follow the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Equipment tab in the main menu.
  2. Select your character's class from the top left menu, each with its unique movement speed.
    • Lightweight : Focused on speed and accuracy. Ideal for players who like to run and shoot.
    • Medium : Support and healing class.
    • Hard : Defense class.
  3. Select the desired area of ​​equipment to unlock, including specializations , weapons , or gadgets .
  4. Select the specific weapon and click on the yellow unlock button. The required VRs will be deducted and the newly unlocked weapon will be added to your inventory. Both specializations and gadgets require 1000 VRs to unlock.

How to equip new weapons in The Finals

After purchasing new weapons and gadgets, you can easily change your equipment. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Navigates to the "Participants" tab in the main menu.
  2. Select the specific character you want to change equipment for.
  3. In the Equipment tab, select one of the following categories:
    • specialization
    • weapon
    • reserve
  4. To equip the newly unlocked weapon, add it to the "Weapons" section. Alternatively, placing it under the Reserve tab allows you to switch from the current weapon to the new one during a match.

It's important to note that you'll need to adjust your equipment each time you want to equip new weapons and reserves.

For each new character you create in The Finals , it's important to create different loadouts. We recommend trying out different character types to find the playstyle that suits you best.

This is the method to quickly unlock weapons and gadgets in The Finals . We hope you enjoyed the article and now clearly understand how to unlock and use weapons in The Finals .

The trailer for The Finals gives you an insight into how spectacular the fights are.