Valorant - New weapon in the arsenal: How good is the Outlaw?

Riot Games has released a new weapon for VALORANT called Outlaw for the first time in Episode 8 . But how does the new sniper rifle play?

The good folks at Riot Games have finally decided to expand the range of weapons in VALORANT , giving us a brand new weapon in the sniper category. While we wouldn't say this change was "necessary," it was certainly to be expected that if Riot Games were to give us a new weapon, it would be a semi-automatic sniper rifle . This prediction comes from the fact that Riot Games is selective about the weapons it adds to VALORANT. This point can be further emphasized by comparing it to Counter-Strike, which has 7 SMGs in total, while VALORANT only has 2, each of which serves its own purpose. Let's look at the Outlaw's stats in the game and compare it to the other sniper rifles.

Outlaw Overview: How Does It Compare to Others?

The Outlaw's main selling points are its high damage and magazine capacity. The Outlaw deals 140 damage on a body hit and has a magazine size of 2 bullets, making it an extremely powerful weapon, especially compared to its younger brother, the Marshal. The Outlaw costs 2400 credits , which places it between the Marshal and the Operator.

How does it play in the game?

In summary, the Outlaw is a more powerful version of the Marshal. Her high body damage means she can one-shot even enemies with light body armor. Even if the opponent is wearing heavy shields, a single shot from this weapon leaves them at 10 HP, making it easy to ensure the kill with a follow-up shot from the pistol.

The Outlaw is independent in its play style and allows you to score the kill on an almost fully armored opponent. Even if the first shot is missed, you can follow up with a second shot that is still in the magazine. This makes the weapon very forgiving and allows you to take more risks than you would with the Marshal or even the Operator.

Although the Outlaw's no-scope accuracy is better than that of the Operator, it is not as good as that of the Marshal. In the comparison below you can see the Outlaw (left) against the Marshal (right) with 10 no-scope shots from a distance of 10 meters. As you can see, the Outlaw is a lot less accurate than the Marshal.

Overall, the Outlaw is an extremely powerful weapon in the right hands and fine in the average hands. If you like the Marshal, you'll find the Outlaw very entertaining and easier to use. We're excited to see what place this weapon will find in VALORANT's ever-evolving meta, especially at the highest levels of competition.

If you are interested in the developers' insights into the new Outlaw weapon, you can read it here .

Source: Riot Games