Fix slow download speed is Activision Blizzard's own game launcher. So if you want to play World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo or Call of Duty, you usually need the launcher. Fortunately, some games are now available again on Steam, but you still need for many titles.

Like any other launcher, can have its problems here and there, be it that the servers are down for maintenance work or maybe even fail completely. But it can be particularly annoying when the servers are online and you want to download a new game or update and the download speed suddenly drops dramatically. 

So what can you do about slow download speeds on

Tips to fix slow downloads in

If you're experiencing slow downloads on, there are a few things that may resolve the issue. But only if the slow download is not due to your bamboo cable...

  • Check your internet connection: Your connection may be unstable; a quick restart of the router can often work wonders here. Simply unplug the router briefly, wait a few seconds and plug it back in.
  • Closes other applications: Ensures that there are no other downloads running in the background or applications that require a lot of bandwidth open. 
  • Change download speed settings in Click the icon in the top left corner of the launcher and go to Settings. Then click on “Downloads” and scroll down to “Download Limit”. Make sure there is no limit if you want to use the full speed.

  • Change the server region: It can sometimes help to change the server region in the Launcher if the local servers are overloaded. To do this, go to a game in the launcher and click the small world symbol above the “Play” button.
  • Disable your firewall and antivirus software: Sometimes firewalls or certain antivirus programs can cause problems with downloads. Check whether this is the case for you by deactivating these programs and then checking your download speed.
  • Disable VPNs: VPNs also often throttle your download speeds, so make sure you don't download updates and new games via a VPN.

These were our tips on how you can increase your download speed in Hopefully we were able to help you and if the downloads are still slow, you should perhaps check whether another provider offers you a better line - fortunately, fiber optic expansion is progressing slowly.

(Source: Activision Blizzard)