Florida Joker demands speaking role in GTA 6

(Image source: Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games' GTA 6 trailer made use of some real-life scenes that have gone viral over the last few years. One of the people wasn't happy about it and initially wanted to sue Rockstar Games, but then changed his mind!

The Florida Joker threatened to sue Rockstar and Take-Two after his appearance was used in the trailer. However, he has now changed his mind and instead wants a bigger role in the game.

Florida Joker wants to dub his character

Lawrence Sullivan, also known as the "Florida Joker", was anything but pleased when he spotted a character that resembled his appearance in the GTA 6 trailer. Since the trailer's release, Sullivan has uploaded several videos to TikTok demanding money from Take-Two and Rockstar.

Initially, he demanded $1-2 million from Rockstar to use his look in the trailer. He explained that he could no longer even go out to eat in peace without being besieged. But let's be honest, if you look that striking, there's bound to be people who want to take a photo with you, right?

It seems like the Florida Joker has now had time to think about the situation and has completely changed his mind. Now he is asking Rockstar to include him in the game, to give his character speaking roles and apparently wants to benefit from the game's success.

"I'm really not trying to sue you guys, so I'm giving you an extra month. Contact me, let me voice the character, give me more action in the game and pay me a few million, do a royalty deal with me. Let's make history."

Sullivan seems to have realized that he could make significantly more money by working with Rockstar than if he sued them. However, it is unlikely that Rockstar will accept his offer.