Find & redeem Fortnite codes

Fortnite is still one of the leading battle royale games and is known for its action-packed fights in a colorful comic look with lots of building. While the usual Battle Royale mode, in which 100 players compete against each other and try to be the last to survive, is the core of the game, developer Epic Games has now focused more and more on crazy skins, cosmetics and crazy collaborations. 

And hey, that's really well received by the players, I mean, who doesn't want to walk around as Eminem, Peter Griffin or maybe even a banana?  Of course, these skins and in-game items usually cost money and not everyone wants to spend that.

Luckily for those who don't have deep wallets, Epic Games occasionally releases codes that allow you to get free V-Bucks or cosmetics.

Get free Fortnite codes

The big problem with Fortnite codes is that they are only published very rarely and can often only be redeemed to a limited extent. If you're unlucky, such a code can actually only be redeemed once. Even if you find many websites with alleged Fortnite codes on the Internet, you should be aware that most of them will not work.

But there is definitely one way or another to get working free Fortnite codes. Our best tip here is to follow Epic Games' Fortnite account and a few reputable leakers on Twitter like iFireMonkey , Shiina andHYPEX . If there are any official free codes for Fortnite, you will find them here first.

Redeem Fortnite's codes

To redeem a Fortnite code, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the official Fortnite Redeem website
  2. Log in to your Epic Games account
  3. Enter the desired code in the field provided
  4. Click “Redeem” to activate the code and receive your reward

To redeem V-Bucks, simply follow the same steps but on the V-Bucks Redeem page .

That's all there is to say about free Fortnite codes. As a rule, you will rarely come across a working code, but if you do find one, you can get some cool free content.

(Source: Epic Games)