Increase Fortnite account level: This is how you level up your Fortnite account

(Source: Epic Games)

As in many modern online games, leveling is an essential part of the gaming experience in Fortnite. Each new season brings a fresh Battle Pass, which includes a whopping 200 stages and is waiting to be completely completed. To unlock all Battle Pass content, you need a whopping 16,000,000 XP, but you can level up even more...

In Fortnite, you can only receive certain free rewards by increasing your account level. It is important that your account level is not the same as your season level. We'll explain to you what the account level means exactly, where you can find it and how you can level it up. 

What does account level mean in Fortnite? 

Your account level shows the total number of levels you have achieved since you started playing Fortnite. Your season level shows how many levels you have achieved in a specific season. Depending on how long someone has been playing Fortnite, their account level can be impressively high. 

As long as a player remains active and levels diligently every season, his season level and therefore his account level will also increase. At the end of a season, the season levels are reset, but the account level remains the same. In short, the account level in Fortnite is the total of all season levels that a player has achieved over time. 

Check account level

To view your account level, navigate to the Career section in Fortnite. This tab is located in the top menu bar, right next to the item shop. You can find your account level there in the upper area on the right. 

This is how you level up your account level 

The most effective way to quickly increase your account level is to diligently collect XP every season. The best way to do this is to complete daily and weekly challenges . If you've had enough of Battle Royale mode, you can alternatively switch to Creative mode or Save the World. It's best to always keep an eye on the "Assignments" tab in Fortnite. There you will occasionally find quests that are only available for a limited time. Otherwise: play diligently and collect XP.