Fortnite matchmaking error: How to fix the problem

(Image source: Epic Games)

Fortnite, probably the most popular online multiplayer game, occasionally has bugs that disrupt smooth gameplay. One such issue is the Fortnite matchmaking error, an infamous issue that prevents players from participating in matches, especially in the highly competitive Battle Royale mode.

What are the reasons for the error and what effects does it have? We will explain this below.

What is the “matchmaking error” in Fortnite?

The matchmaking error in Fortnite can have various causes, but it always prevents matchmaking. It primarily occurs due to server overload. This happens when a significant number of players try to join a game at the same time, especially during peak hours or right after an update is released.

As a result, the servers struggle to handle the rush, resulting in a matchmaking error. Another reason could be regional server issues, where certain servers experience temporary outages or disruptions

Effects on tournaments

The matchmaking bug takes on additional significance during Fortnite tournaments. The inability to join a game can be particularly disruptive in these highly competitive environments.

In some cases, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has already made the difficult decision to cancel or postpone a tournament due to ongoing matchmaking issues. This underlines what an immense problem errors in player search can be, especially in tournaments.

How to solve the matchmaking error in Fortnite

You can try various troubleshooting methods to resolve the error:

  1. Restart the game: Often simply restarting Fortnite can solve the problem.
  2. Change matchmaking region: Switching to a different game server in a different region might help as the issue may be limited to your current server.
  3. Adjust date and time settings: Make sure your device's date and time settings match those of the game server.

These solutions are usually helpful in fixing the matchmaking error and allowing players to return to the immersive world of Fortnite. Just remember to regularly check the Epic Games status page for real-time updates to stay informed about ongoing issues.