Helldivers 2 faced a lot of problems at launch

(Image source: Arrowhead)

In the third-person shooter Helldivers 2 you have to defend the planet Super Earth against an intergalactic threat in epic battles. Unfortunately, the game received mixed reviews when it released on February 8th, and for good reason.

Arrowhead plans optimizations

Helldivers 2 is currently dominating the Steam charts as the top trending game with over 81,000 players, but despite this it only holds a modest Steam rating of 68%. What is behind these negative reviews?

The cause is quite simple: the game's performance. At launch, players complained about crashes when starting missions, getting stuck in the tutorial and a matchmaking bug that sent them into co-op missions alone. Some suspect that these problems are related to certain anti-cheat software and that is why the game's performance is so poor.

The Arrowhead development studio reacted quickly and initially fixed the startup problems with a hotfix.

Unfortunately, shortly after the hotfix, another bug appeared that prevented some players from logging in because the connection to the servers didn't work.

However, Arrowhead seems determined to address these issues quickly and has already implemented the second hotfix within a week of launch.

It's good to see that despite initial difficulties, the developers of Helldivers 2 are reacting quickly to ensure fans have a positive gaming experience.

If you look at how successful the launch was despite problems (which may be partly the reason for the overloaded servers), Helldivers 2 could be a really cool and successful game once they get over the launch difficulties.