Third place for Nintendo Switch: 139 million consoles sold in the all-time ranking

(Image source: Nintendo)

For many decades, game consoles have thrilled not only children but also adult gamers. And despite the many changes over time, our passion remains unchanged!

Despite 139 million sales: Nintendo Switch only placed in third place

Nintendo recently announced that a total of an impressive 139.36 million units of their popular console had been sold as of December 31, 2023. This includes both the standard version and the OLED and Lite versions. An impressive milestone for the Nintendo Switch!

Despite the huge sales figure, this is still not the highest a console has ever achieved. Even another Nintendo console topped the number!

In second place among the most successful consoles is the Nintendo DS with 154.02 million copies sold. These include the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo Dsi and the Nintendo DSi XL (the 3DS has its own separate rating).

But which console is in first place among the best-selling consoles? With an impressive estimate of over 155 million copies sold, Sony's PlayStation 2 holds a firm grip on this coveted title. However, at some point Sony stopped giving exact figures. The last concrete update dates back to March 31, 2012, about a year before production of the PS2 ended.

Anyone who grew up with the PS2 probably understands very well why the console sold so well! The childhood memories of the PS2 are unbeatable and one cannot fail to mention how many good games there were for it.