Warcraft 2 Movie: Sequel might be different than expected

(Image source: Universal Pictures Australia/Blizzard)

When we think of video games that could tell many more exciting stories, World of Warcraft immediately comes to mind. This is probably because many of us used to play Warcraft 3 or World of Warcraft, or even still do occasionally. The Warcraft games have been a huge success for Blizzard, so it's no wonder that the franchise even made it to the cinema in 2016 with "The Beginning".

However, "The Beginning" ends with an open question that could pave the way for a sequel. But now it's already 2024, so where is the announced continuation?

No confirmation for Warcraft 2 film, but possible reboot in planning

The reason there hasn't been a prequel to Warcraft: The Beginning is due to its financial box office results. Although the film was successful in China, it turned out to be a failure in the United States. Director Duncan Jones had hoped to get approval for another Warcraft film. However, due to its poor performance outside of China, it has so far remained limited to this one film.

In a recent interview with IGN, Blizzard Executive Creative Director Christ Metzen explained that the Warcraft film was instrumental in World of Warcraft's transition to a broader Warcraft universe. Every time an idea for a new addition to the franchise comes along, like Warcraft Rumble for smartphones, the first consideration is how that idea can be integrated into the Warcraft universe and whether it aligns with Metzen's vision. With these considerations, nothing is fundamentally ruled out, not even another film.

Although there is no official announcement for a new Warcraft film yet, there are rumors that Blizzard and Universal Pictures are considering a soft reboot of the story . They could focus on new characters and rethink some decisions from the first film - according to speculation. Planning seemed to be underway until the pandemic intervened.

We would definitely love a new Warcraft movie! We would ideally like to see an interpretation of the original storyline from the Warcraft I-III era, as the current developments in WoW, especially with Shadowlands and BfA, have been disappointing for many and do not reach the depth of older storylines. Who wouldn't want to experience the fall of Arthas or Illidan, the momentous decisions of Kael'Thas and the blood elves, or the epic battle for the night elves' world tree?

A story about Thrall would certainly be a promising idea. He is a popular character, cool and fascinating. Since his birth was already shown in the first film, it would make sense to continue telling his story.

Now the only question that remains is whether anyone has a suitable idea for implementing the Warcraft 2 film. Or maybe instead we'll get a series similar to The Last of Us, Halo or soon Fallout - either would be fine with us. Lok Tar!