Metroid Prime 4: Release is reportedly imminent

(Image source: Nintendo)

Five years ago, Nintendo publicly announced that Metroid Prime 4 was having problems during development and had to restart the process from scratch.

Since then, Nintendo has released little information about the project, leaving fans searching for their own answers. However, content creator SuperMetalDave64 is of the opinion that some news about the project is just around the corner.

Will we be hearing more about Metroid Prime 4 soon?

Even though we haven't heard anything official from Nintendo about Metroid Prime 4, Dave is adamant that something is coming soon.

In a video he presents three pieces of evidence that he interprets as clear indications that Metroid Prime 4 is about to be released. 

The first piece of evidence is that Edwin Atwell, a quality assurance tester and experienced AAA game tester, stated that he has been heavily involved in investigating Metroid Prime 4 bugs over the past few months.

In connection with this, the test phase is likely to be completed in the foreseeable future, taking into account the usual duration of such phases and that it began in March 2023. This suggests that the game is currently receiving the final touches before its release.

Dave also noticed that Nintendo was once again collaborating with Retro Studios for Metroid Prime 4. Coincidentally, AAA co-development studio Next-Gen Dreams 3D also announced its collaboration with Retro Studios on its own website. Given their specialization in trailers, the crucial question arises. Will there be a trailer for Metroid Prime 4 soon?

Since then, Next-Gen Dreams has consistently removed 3D Retro Studios from their list of partnerships. And yet, in his video, Dave proudly presents the screenshots as proof.

Considering we don't have an official statement from Nintendo yet, Dave's video shouldn't be taken at face value. However, it could also be that he is very close to the truth. We'll find out in the coming months!