Dead by Daylight: finally a new game mode after 8 years

(Image source: Behavior Interactive/505 Games)

For nearly eight years, Dead By Daylight has seen players hunted by horror icons like Michael Myers. Multiplayer game fans have longed for new game modes for a long time. Now Behavior is finally fulfilling that wish with the release of the new game mode “Lights Out” for Dead by Daylight.

“Lights Out” brings the terror back

Dead By Daylight has evolved tremendously over the last eight years. Originally there were only 3 killers and 4 survivors. Now a total of 74 characters are available to players, and many new maps have been added, including even locations from films and other games.

Unfortunately, a new game mode didn't appear for a long time until Behavior finally announced "Lights Out". Unfortunately, the new game mode only seems to be available from February 7th to 14th.

Lights Out mode makes the maps extremely dark, and there are some exciting changes. The killers no longer have a terror radius, meaning survivors can no longer see or hear if a killer is approaching. And survivors cannot bring equipment such as perks, items, or offerings.

An interesting twist is that a majority of the HUD elements will be removed during matches. This means that neither survivors nor killers can see how far the generators have progressed or how many generators have already been completed. The number of recorded survivors is also no longer displayed. So players have to keep in mind what is going on.

This mode also has more chests than usual that can contain better items. 

While this all sounds exciting, unfortunately Lights Out mode will not be available in custom games. This means players won't be able to play with their friends, which is a bit disappointing.

But that is not all! The developers have announced that Lights Out is just the first of many new modes they plan to test. They listen to what players want and plan to expand the game with more exciting content. So let's look forward to a future full of surprises and more variety in Dead By Daylight!