Animal cruelty in Palworld? PETA releases a statement

(Image source:  Pocketpair, Inc.)

The multiplayer game Palworld has quickly become one of the most successful games on Steam and has quickly become a favorite for many players. 

However, the developers are now not only facing accusations of having stolen some fundamental aspects of the game from somewhere else, but also have to take into account the serious concerns of animal lovers.

These concerns are based on the fact that the Pals in the game are primarily exploited for various purposes. Whether in combat, breeding, or hard work in “factories,” the Pals in Palworld seem, for the most part, to be treated with anything but love.

Controversy over animal cruelty in Palworld

Now let's be honest, we all saw the accusations of animal cruelty from the Pals coming. Because as we have already explained above, the concept of the game is that players can and should capture various “animals”, kill them and force them to work, which has already caused discussions on social media.

Now PETA, as an animal protection organization, has made a clear statement about Palworld. Elisa Allen, PETA's vice president of programs and operations, was clear:

“PETA has already heard from many Palworld fans who have no interest in eating Pals and want to create a vegan guide for the game. After all, it’s Veganuary, and players want to help animals by eating vegan in and out of their game worlds.”

Preventing the mistreatment of animals is absolutely important! But what relevance this has to video games leaves us wondering.

However, we should also be prepared for the fact that PETA's statement will not be the last controversy surrounding Palword!